Gibraltar-The Divorce From Europe by the UK & Isaiah 47

The United Kingdom has filed Article 50 and officially started the divorce process from the EU. Spain has now demanded that Gibraltar be returned to Spain as part of this divorce process. Europe has also demanded that Great Britain pay them 52 Billion Sterling in order to start the negotiations.

And then as I go to post this podcast we have news of the comments that Nigal Farage made at the EU parliament about these divorce proceedings. Isaiah 47, and Revelation have a very stark warning to us. They talk of this Babylonian whore also known as Europa but they do not call her a divorcee, no, the bible calls this End Time Beast Super Power a widow not a divorced woman. This is absolutely stunning to realize what we are being told. Who has died in order for the Great whore to be a widow? Those who are leaving the European Union, those who leave the Paris Treaty, those who will not submit to the EU rules and demands.

Trade wars begins with people talking and arguing in parliaments. They then turn to war. We are in the 4th Sabbatical Cycle, the cycle of the fourth curse of war from Lev 26. Very scary times we are entering into.