Follow the Pattern – Exactly

When reading about the Tabernacle built in the wilderness in the book of Exodus, we need to understand how are the two of them connected. Is there a connection or am I just putting two thing together to make a good teaching. The connections go deep and explain how this structure built in the wilderness explains how we have a relationship with our Father and how is it that He lives within us. Listen in and find out more.

One thought on “Follow the Pattern – Exactly

  1. Shalom James, I’d just like to say… WOW!
    When you said ‘amen’ I answered AMEN! I listened to the podcast while I was working on something else so, initially I only had one ear on it, but there were things in there that just hit me like when scriptures jump off a page! WOW! I had to listen to it a second time. James said so many things that resonated with me – Yes James! I see those things too! It was wonderful to hear you speaking like that. I’d never thought of the Mishkan/Tabernacle in that way before.

    It was only 5 days ago that I spoke with a friend about ‘What person will I/You be when we enter the Kingdom?’… if my body is the temple of the Ruach Ha Kodesh… who is that person? How to I find her? James you quoted the very scriptures that prove ‘the point’ of ‘Who did YHUH create each of us to be’? In my humble opinion you hit the nail on the head! I’m going to email this podcast to my friend. THANK YOU James!

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