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Nehemia Gordon Interview 2019 – 2300 Days of Hell

At Sukkot 2018, in Jerusalem, Joe had the opportunity to sit down and discuss with his longtime friend Nehemia Gordon what is coming in the very near future and how it is all laid out in Joseph’s book the 2300 Days of Hell. This was a rare opportunity to spend the time and go into … Continue reading Nehemia Gordon Interview 2019 – 2300 Days of Hell

Burundi Interview with Bishop Telesphore

At the end of 6 day long weekend in Burundi Africa from August 30 until Sept 4, 2017, we grabbed Bishop Telesphore and his lead Pastor Daimond and sat them down to talk with us so we could share it with you. Telesphore is on the phone and on the go constantly taking this message of the … Continue reading Burundi Interview with Bishop Telesphore

The Law in Colossians

What is the truth about Colossians? What really was nailed to the Cross? What are these ordinances that were nailed there? What is that partition Yehshua tore down? Get ready to learn more truths and then once you understand the truth you can then decide to obey your Creator as He has instructed you. This … Continue reading The Law in Colossians

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 5

In this episode of the Ten Tribes, we are going to look at the Trojan line that and one of them is Brutus the first king of Britain. Brutus was a descendant of the sons of Zerah who left Egypt after the death of Joseph. We are also going to cover the Spartans who come from the tribes of … Continue reading The 10 Lost Tribes Part 5

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 3

Learning about the Tribes of Israel and who they are today via the blessing each child was given by Jacob. We will learn in this teaching about the archers that have grieved Joseph. In this teaching, we are showing the audience many of the symbols of Israel. The heraldry of Israel. Your own family tree and crest could show you … Continue reading The 10 Lost Tribes Part 3

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again

We have a very special interview today with Keith Johnson author of His Hallowed Name Revealed Again. I just read this book again last week after having not read it for some years. It first blew me away in 2011 when I read it then. Now in 2017, I am blown away again at all the … Continue reading His Hallowed Name Revealed Again

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 2

Jacob fell asleep and dreamt of a stairway to heaven. He anointed that stone which became the Pillar Stone upon which all the Kings of Israel were anointed. This stone is still in use today. Who are some of those tribes today? To whom did the name of Israel get passed down to? It was … Continue reading The 10 Lost Tribes Part 2

The 10 Lost Tribes Part 1

In this part 1, we must show you who Israel is and that the nation of Israel is not the nation of Judah as many assume. This is basic Biblical studies that most people just skip over. You can identify Israel by the blessings they have received. But we must identify those blessings so we can know … Continue reading The 10 Lost Tribes Part 1

The Curses Part 6

We continue to explain the curses of Lev 26 starting now in this recording with the 2nd curse. Why wait until disaster comes upon you, your family and property? Why not turn back to Yehovah today and begin to obey Him now? Pestilence Earthquakes Sword Captivity

The Curses Part 5

Does Yehovah hear your prayers? What does it mean to be righteous? What is the Mark of the Beast? What is the Mark of Yehovah? What happens when we do not keep the Sabbatical Years? So what is the big deal about the Sabbatical and Jubilee years? Are there curses for not obeying Yehovah happening right … Continue reading The Curses Part 5