Palm Sunday and 6 Days Before Passover

We have explained the 3 days and 3 nights and shown you that Yehshua was killed on Wednesday and came out of the grave on Saturday afternoon as the sunset. We have also explained the verse that added the word today in our teaching about The Road to Emmaus. But there are still some who use the day Yehshua rode into Jerusalem, known as Palm Sunday, claiming it is the 10th day of Nisan, to prove that He did not die on Wednesday but on Thursday instead, to justify a Sunday resurrection. Are they right?

Have they deceived you before you even get to answer the question about when was Passover? And now you’re wondering how have you been deceived? John says Yehshua came to Bethany 6 Days before Passover. Let us now do the chronology and learn the truth about Palm Sunday and the day Yehshua was crucified on Nisan 14.