Nehemia Gordon Interview 2019 – 2300 Days of Hell

At Sukkot 2018, in Jerusalem, Joe had the opportunity to sit down and discuss with his longtime friend Nehemia Gordon what is coming in the very near future and how it is all laid out in Joseph’s book the 2300 Days of Hell. This was a rare opportunity to spend the time and go into detail about what is going to happen. So listen in and hear the details and Joe’s lays it out once again for a new audience.

Here is what Nehemia had on his wall for this podcast.

Hebrew Voices #95 – 2300 Days of Hell

In this episode of Hebrew Voices2300 Days of Hell, Nehemia Gordon expresses his skepticism as author Joseph Dumond warns about the impending demise of hundreds of millions of people beginning in 2020. They discuss Jewish and Christian interpretations of Daniel’s Messianic prophecy, ancient Aramaic tombstones that may reveal the true timing of Sabbatical years, and the many conundrums involved in deciphering chronological calculations.

Here is a link to the 45 Sabbatical year proofs we are mentioning in this podcast.  I know the link says 34, but as I worked on this article I learned of another 11 which we then added to the list.

And here is the link to all the Tomb Stones we have found to date.