Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Taskmaster & Jizya Tax

As we draw closer to Passover it is time to once again go over the Exodus Story. When we read about the Taskmasters in Egypt I had never considered what they were doing until this year when I heard what a Taskmaster was. Then when I saw what took place in Mosul after ISIS took … Continue reading The Taskmaster & Jizya Tax

Following the Cloud-Barley Report 2017

What does it mean to follow the cloud? Israel did it when they came out of Egypt. How do we do this today? It is done by watching for the barley and by watching for the crescent moon. Is this year an Adar Bet year? Do we add a 13th month to this year? How … Continue reading Following the Cloud-Barley Report 2017

First Podcast-Franklin Graham Protest

This is our first podcast. The 12th month of the year 5852. We are going to make some mistakes and we are learning new things with each one. Just getting to this stage has been an adventure. In this podcast I tell you a bit about my history and how we got to this stage. … Continue reading First Podcast-Franklin Graham Protest

President Trump & Baal Peor in Bible Prophecy

How is President Donald Trump and Baal Peor related through Bible Prophesy? Why is this so important? What does Brexit and the Paris Treaty got to do with Trump calling for the US to leave the UN and NATO.  World events are happening according to bible prophecy. It is now time to learn these truth. If … Continue reading President Trump & Baal Peor in Bible Prophecy