Will There be a 13 Month Two Years in a Row?

March 19, 2017 would have been wave sheaf day had the barley been close to being ripe on February 27, 2017. We are now just 11 days away from the new moon being sighted on March 29, 2017. Will the barley be aviv by this new moon or will a 13th month be declared? Many declared a 13th month in 2016 because they did not have ripe barley by the new moon day. Will those same people now declare a 13th month again this year, two years in a row?

Checking the barley reports this week causes me to wonder because by New Moon day the state of the barley looks like it will be in the exact same state as it was last year when they declared a 13th month.

At Sightedmoon.com we believe you need to have ripe barley for the wave sheaf day during the days of Unleavened Bread. We do not believe you need ripe barley by New Moon day. But not everyone agrees with me. So ask yourself the question, why do we search for barley in the first place? Is it not for the wave sheaf offering during the Days of Unleavened Bread? Time to rethink our positions again.

2 thoughts on “Will There be a 13 Month Two Years in a Row?

  1. Hi Joe,

    Hope you doing well!! As you know, it is the sheep that tires us. I am worried about you!! You need somebody to keep the wolves at bay so you can hear from Yahuah and act thereon on and not be distracted (side-tracked) by them. I know Yahusha will strengthen you – his yoke is light is it not?

    I followed you and by the Spirit in 2016 with the 13th month. I just knew in my heart you were right. I am keeping to the same rules of the Shabbat year as you also. You are spot on for 2017 – 13th month. Yahusha’s sheep know HIS voice.

    Keep up the good work!! So thankful to Yahuah that has enlightened our eyes and ears by HIS Grace and not to think more of ourselves what we ought to.

    In my previous letter to you I gathered 13 in total to watch the DVD’s, although all agreed no one followed the Shabbat year and your other teachings. Only by Yahuah’s Grace – I and my house will served HIM. So sad, many excuses were given, sure you heard them all.
    I still try to convince them, but only El can change their heart and that power in not with me.

    Hope you visit us soon!!

    Thank You (Dankie – Afrikaans)

    Andre Tiran
    South Africa

  2. So are we sure that Spring 2017 there should have not been another 13th month if the barely looked about the same as 2016? It does matter. Could it be that we have celebrated the Feasts a month early this year? If it all to be YHVH’S appointed times to meet with us. Could the Fall Feasts still be a few weeks away? Could the Feast of Trumpets to be Oct 21? Yom Kippur on Oct 31? Could we be off a month?

    Maybe not a big deal except if this is also a year where YHVH plans to start to fulfill the Fall Feasts. Then it is a BIG Deal.

    So please tell me, could we be a month early this year?


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