The Feast of Oaths

Many confess the name of Jesus quoting Romans 10:9 but few realize what that word confess means or just how serious it is in relationship to the Feast of Oaths. Those who confess the name of Jesus do not even understand what the Feast of Oaths is. Do you know what it means when you confess the name of Jesus? Do you know what the Feast of Oaths is? Do you understand the seriousness of a Blood Covenant?

How is any of this related to the Feast of Weeks and counting the Omer? Why did Jesus die on the tree nearly 2000 years ago? And how is this related to the 5 foolish virgins?

Come and join us as we explain all of this and more in this weeks teaching about the Feast of Oaths.

2 thoughts on “The Feast of Oaths

  1. let us explain this concept to the pentecostals about he Feast of OATHS.

    there are several millions of pentecostals that are not even aware their name ” pentecost” signifies?

    Pls pray to YHVH for anointing to spread this message to the pentecostals.
    Good News is, to date we have won 12 pastors from the United Pentecostal CHurch in the Philippines the denomination in which me and my wife previously belonged.
    WHen I go them, I tell them, listen to me brother , I too am a pentecostal like you ……but heres thre real meaning a pentecostals is really all about. and I start sharing the feast of weeks/ shavuot to them….praise be to YHVH thru His son Yeshua the Messiah.

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