The Curses Part 3

Lev 25:2 Jubilee year, how do we reconcile it to our time now? How do we reconcile the Hebrew Chronology with our time now? The year 701 is the date in history that matches ancient history with our time now. But this year of 701 B.C. also just so happens to be the 49th year of 2 Kings 19:29 and the Jubilee year of 700 B.C.

Here is the list of known Sabbatical years

701 & 700 BC 2 Kings 19:29

456 BC Nehemiah 8:18

162 BC 1 Maccabees 16:14

134 BC 1 Maccabees

43 BC Julius Caesar

36 BC Josephus Ant. 14:16:2

22 BC Josephus Ant. 15:9:1

42 CE Josephus Ant. 18

56 CE Nero’s Note of Indebtedness

70 CE Temple Destroyed Sabbatical year

133 Rental Contract Bar Kochbah Revolt

140 rental Contract Bar Kochbah Revolt

439 Tombstone of Zoar 5th year of Sabbatical Cycle

515 Tombstone of Zoar 4th year of Sabbatical Cycle

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