The Curses Part 4

Is the Seder Olam correct when they state a Shemitah year? How does the year of Nero as emperor determine when the Sabbatical years are? What about Julius Ceasar and the year he says was a Sabbatical year?

Does the Daniel Timeline prove when the next Jubilee years is? Is 2017 the next Jubilee year based on the Balfour Declaration and the 1967 war in Israel? What about the 70 years from the creation of Israel in 1947? Is 2017 a Jubilee year?

2 Kings 19:29 well prove these things true or false.

Why is there a 76-year difference between the years I am saying it is and those of the Jewish chronology? The Jewish chronology is based on the Seder Olam which at fault.