The Curses Part 1

Why do we need to keep the Sabbatical year? Is it truly just for when you’re in the land of Israel? Does Yehovah care whether or not you keep the Sabbatical years? Does Yehovah show us when the Sabbatical years are? Can you prove this from your own bible? Is the Sabbatical year 49 or 50 years in length and can we prove it? How do you keep it and how do you survive?

Come with us and begin to learn the truth about the Sabbatical years and how you can prove them.

One thought on “The Curses Part 1

  1. To clarify…commanded to blow the trumpet on the 10th day of the 7th month…so already 7+ months into the Jubilee Year, so nothing should be growing in the ground at this time except what is volunteer, nothing planted 7 months earlier around what would be spring planting season here in the US. So, when Jubilee trumpet is blown, there would only be 5 or 6 months left in the Jubilee Year…is this correct? Thank you

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