The Cacophony of Watchmen

Today there is a cacophony of people out there all claiming to be “The Watchman” on the wall warning the people. Almost all of those warning the people about the end times never warn the people to repent from not keeping the Sabbath or the Holy Days nor the Sabbatical years.

Right now many Christian watchmen are talking about the rapture that is to come on Sept 23, 2017. Other messianic leaders are telling the people that 2017 is the Jubilee year and the Messiah is about to come. Still others are hanging on to the Daniel Time line teaching.

If your following some of these “watchmen” then they had better be telling you to return to the keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days and Sabbatical years. IF they are not telling you to repent and how to repent then you need to stop listening to them.

The sirens are sounding. The shofars are blowing, but due to the cacophony of false teachers no one hears them.

Music is by the Philadelphia Singers and is titled the Watchman.