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The Curses Part 6

We continue to explain the curses of Lev 26 starting now in this recording with the 2nd curse. Why wait until disaster comes upon you, your family and property? Why not turn back to Yehovah today and begin to obey Him now? Pestilence Earthquakes Sword Captivity

The Curses Part 5

Does Yehovah hear your prayers? What does it mean to be righteous? What is the Mark of the Beast? What is the Mark of Yehovah? What happens when we do not keep the Sabbatical Years? So what is the big deal about the Sabbatical and Jubilee years? Are there curses for not obeying Yehovah happening right … Continue reading The Curses Part 5

The Curses Part 4

Is the Seder Olam correct when they state a Shemitah year? How does the year of Nero as emperor determine when the Sabbatical years are? What about Julius Ceasar and the year he says was a Sabbatical year? Does the Daniel Timeline prove when the next Jubilee years is? Is 2017 the next Jubilee year based … Continue reading The Curses Part 4

The Feast of Oaths

Many confess the name of Jesus quoting Romans 10:9 but few realize what that word confess means or just how serious it is in relationship to the Feast of Oaths. Those who confess the name of Jesus do not even understand what the Feast of Oaths is. Do you know what it means when you confess … Continue reading The Feast of Oaths

The Curses Part 3

Lev 25:2 Jubilee year, how do we reconcile it to our time now? How do we reconcile the Hebrew Chronology with our time now? The year 701 is the date in history that matches ancient history with our time now. But this year of 701 B.C. also just so happens to be the 49th year … Continue reading The Curses Part 3

Wave Sheaf Day-Why all the Hype?

Where does it say we are to count the Omer? What is an Omer? What does any of this have to do with me today in the 20th century? Once you understand these answers and the reason for the Omer counting then you will get very excited. Many speak about a rapture to come, but … Continue reading Wave Sheaf Day-Why all the Hype?

The Curses Part 2

Does the Babylonian Talmud tell you to keep the Sabbatical year outside the land of Israel? How do you prove when the Sabbatical years are? Is the 50th year the 1st year in the next cycle? Can we learn when the Sabbatical year is in Lev 25:2? Only by doing the chronology in Genesis properly … Continue reading The Curses Part 2

Palm Sunday and 6 Days Before Passover

We have explained the 3 days and 3 nights and shown you that Yehshua was killed on Wednesday and came out of the grave on Saturday afternoon as the sunset. We have also explained the verse that added the word today in our teaching about The Road to Emmaus. But there are still some who … Continue reading Palm Sunday and 6 Days Before Passover

Gibraltar-The Divorce From Europe by the UK & Isaiah 47

The United Kingdom has filed Article 50 and officially started the divorce process from the EU. Spain has now demanded that Gibraltar be returned to Spain as part of this divorce process. Europe has also demanded that Great Britain pay them 52 Billion Sterling in order to start the negotiations. And then as I go to … Continue reading Gibraltar-The Divorce From Europe by the UK & Isaiah 47

Follow the Pattern – Exactly

When reading about the Tabernacle built in the wilderness in the book of Exodus, we need to understand how are the two of them connected. Is there a connection or am I just putting two thing together to make a good teaching. The connections go deep and explain how this structure built in the wilderness … Continue reading Follow the Pattern – Exactly